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Scoop Zone

Branded Graphics Implementation

Mobile Ice Cream Parlor

  • Existing Logo Reformatting
  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Graphics
  • Website
  • Sprinter Van Design
  • Trailer Design
  • Marketing Materials
  • Instructional Brand Continuation Sessions
  • Adobe Express training
  • Social media Strategy
  • Photography

The ScoopZone336 case study showcases how an innovative business transformed itself from a brick-and-mortar ice cream parlor into a mobile ice cream parlor by enlisting the services of Robert and Janée Jarrell, the owners of Scoop Zone Mobile Ice Cream Parlors approached us with the task of creating marketing materials and cohesive branding for its various vehicles.

The first step in the rebranding process involved accessing the existing logo, which ScoopZone opted to keep. We creatively used the colors and feel of the existing logo to develop the “drip” look, which is a prevalent feature displayed on all of ScoopZone’s marketing materials.

We began by creating the design for the first trailer, concurrently developing the ScoopZone website. We also created marketing materials such as banners, flags, flyers, and other promotional items. The final stage of the ScoopZone rebranding process was educational, with us coaching the ScoopZone team in brand consistency, Adobe mobile app graphic design, and social media strategy.

The Jerrells have expressed immense satisfaction with the outcomes of their rebranding journey. They have received numerous compliments on the brand consistency of their presence and are now proud owners not only of the first trailer but also a pushcart and two vans. This transformation is a testament to how businesses with a clear vision can succeed with the help of expert branding and marketing services.

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e-commerce website design

The Scoop Zone website, built by our agency, is more than just an e-commerce site. It serves as an efficient assistant for the company. It seamlessly manages bookings, collects deposits, and synchronizes schedules with phone calendars to ensure there are never any double bookings.

logo reformatting

Our agency was tasked with reformatting the logo for the Scoop Zone team. Initially, the logo was only saved as a jpg file. We took it upon ourselves to recreate the logo and provided the team with various monotoned versions, as well as several file formats. They can now access the logo in any format they need, ensuring they have the necessary flexibility for future projects and uses.

vehicle design

logo reformatting

marketing materials