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The Black Pearls Society

Brand Development and Maintenance

Social Organization

  • Logo Reformatting
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design and Development
  • Continued Site Maintenance
  • Event Branding
  • Collateral Layout
  • Marketing Materials

The Black Pearls Society is an organization committed to empowering Black women and fostering the growth of their culture. Their mission is to educate future generations about their role in society while persevering through inequity. The group approached to develop their online presence in the form of a website that would engage their audience and provide essential resources for organization members. The organization’s founders Deena Hayes-Greene and Monica Walker make all the decisions for the group, which makes this organization qualify for our 1-3 person requirements

Working closely with Deena and Monica, we created a beautiful website that showcases the organization’s mission and values. The new site featured, and was patterned from an existing logo that was re-worked for enhanced functionality and accessibility. We also created additional file formats and versions of the logo for use across multiple platforms and mediums.

With the website complete, we continued its partnership with The Black Pearls Society by designing and producing various marketing materials to promote their events and campaigns. These materials included both internal and external communications such as brochures, digital billboards, and other social media content.

The results of the collaboration have been overwhelmingly positive, with creating a strong brand identity for the organization that captures the essence of their mission. As a result, the Black Pearls Society has experienced a significant boost in membership and support. We at are happy to continue working with The Black Pearls Society, creating new materials and elevating their brand identity to promote a more just and equitable society for Black women.

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member based website design

We created the Black Pearls Society site, which features a secure members-only section. To achieve this, the site was built with public-facing content, and an account section was added to allow users to create membership accounts. With the functionality in place, additional sections were added that were only accessible to those with login credentials.

logo reformatting

collateral design

marketing designs