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Brown Family Medical

Brand Development

Mobile Family Medical Clinic

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Brown Family Medical Mobile Clinic is the brainchild of Vashonda Foust-Brown. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, she specializes in providing care to families across the lifespan; her focus is on maintaining health and wellness in underserved populations. During the pandemic medical visits, like everything else had to be put on the back burner as people were unable to leave home. Providing mobile medical services was the logical next step for someone devoted to serving their people. 

When Brown Family Medical approached us to discover their brand we were ecstatic to assist them because we truly believed in their mission, which we learned really fast during their Pocket Protector session.

The Brand Brainiac Session was such a success because Vashonda and her husband William knew exactly what they were offering and were open to the discovery of brand behind the words. The Browns walked away from the Brainiac Session with a complete understanding of the brand and its positioning in the world. They knew that while others may offer what they do, no one was doing it with the passion of Vashonda.

We harnessed this passion and personified it into the brand with a personality, a message, a tone of voice, and a vision of the future goals. We then determined who their target audience was and used the personas created to ensure that every item suggested catered to these personas. 

Once the Brainiac was completed the Browns offered no hesitation to move on to the next step of the Nerdvana and the graphics needed for their success were created. 

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booking capable website design

Our agency has created a highly successful booking capable website that has generated around 90% of their bookings. The website is fully integrated with subscription email capture and Google analytics. With seamless integration, this website offers an easy and convenient booking experience for customers while providing the client with valuable insights and data analysis.

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marketing material design

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