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it all starts right here!

your site is already built, it’s just waiting for you to come and make it yours, let me help you. 

For $250 now, and another $150 on step 3 and 4, you will get everything you need to create a beautiful site that will make you stand out in the crowd. To be clear, you’re not purchasing templates from me, those come with the plugin; you’re purchasing my expertise and assistance in setting up the templates. WordPress sites are the industry standard. Sure there are many do-it-yourself site builder platforms out there, but the real ones can tell a pair of flea market Jordans from the real thing. Sign up below and hit the button to get the real deal and get started on your new site!

all templates include

• tutorial videos
• font selection guide
• color schemes
• a site building checklist
• self confidence

• money saved

Because this is a digital product and there is no possible way to return it,  there are no refunds. 

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