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you ready?

let’s get started

Thank you for your purchase. This is your home base. This page contains the necessary tutorial videos in the suggested order that they should be viewed as well as the link to the Google Drive folder that contains the downloadable files that you will need.

Open the Google Drive after watching video number 2 detailing what’s inside the folder.

I suggest that you download the tutorials as well as the pdf files in the “wordy assets” folder to keep so that you don’t have to come back here to watch the tutorials. But of course, you’re always welcome to come back. Please check the Google Drive weekly for any available updates. 


I welcome you to the world of doing it your damn self. I detail what you will get and how its gonna go. I hope you’re ready for the ride! Let’s Go!

inside the google drive

Here you’ll learn what’s inside the Google Drive folder and how to use the contents of the folder to create the best site that you can. 


Here you’ll learn about Siteground and see how to claim and purchase your domain and hosting accounts, as well as create your WordPress dashboard, the first step in building your site. 

elementor pro

Here you’ll learn how to purchase, save, and upload Elementor Pro, a vital part of your site building experience, into your WordPress dashboard

adding plugins

In this video you will learn more about the other plugins that I recommend and learn more about why I suggest this group of tools. 

the dashboard

Get to know your dashboard. Now that you have all of the necessary plugins, let’s get to know your WordPress dashboard so that it doesn’t intimidate you so much. 

adding a template

Now that you know your dashboard, let’s choose your template and add it. This is an exciting time. Your site comes to life. You have added the internal organs!!!

headers, footers, etc.

Now that you have the site installed, lets start to dress it in the uniform that is your branding. Let’s get a header, a footer, and some other templates added for you. This is a long one. 

page building

Well your site has on some accessories, but the clothes don’t yet match. Let’s get the site dressed by editing and adding some pages. 

feedback and suggestions

Tell me how you feel about the Do It Your Damn Self Site Template. Fill out the form below and send me your feedback on how I can improve this process or what you like about it. Nothing on the form is required except the feedback, so you can leave an anonymous message if you’d like, but whether you love it or hate it, I’d love to know who you are and your thoughts. Thank You.