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4 Tips For Working With Graphic Designers

Never say “all you gotta do is”. No matter how easy you think it is to create a design, there are behind the scene tasks that you will never know about. You don’t say to a plumber “all you gotta do is put in some new pipes” you don’t say to a pilot “all you gotta do is land over there”, so don’t tell your designer “all you gotta do is change the font”.

Hiring a Logo Designer: Expectations versus Reality

So here, I’m gonna give you the reality, versus what you believe to be true about what it is that I do. Im gonna do this by breaking down the imaginary phone call above and giving the real life anatomy of the conversation.

5 FREE Ways to Make Your Brand Appear More Professional

How much does it cost to start branding yourself or your business? Of course if you want a logo, marketing materials, website, and such, you’re gonna need to hire a Graphic Designer or Brand Strategist: but here I’m gonna give you 5 free things you can do to brand your company before you send that deposit to the designer.